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MFT Assoicate Training


Save the Schools provides a professional clinical accredited training program for graduate-level student associate therapists. Get the training and hours necessary to become a licensed MFT.

Supervised Practice Requirement

The MFT in training must work under supervision for at least two years (104 weeks). He will need to document 3,000 hours in order to be eligible for licensure. Most of this is to be done as an MFT intern. The candidate can also count some hours earned working at school approved sites while enrolled in a qualifying program – provided the experience met supervision ratios set by the Board. Up to 1,300 hours that were accrued before degree conferral can be counted toward this requirement.

A new graduate can begin work – and begin accruing hours – before he is registered. However, the candidate must apply within 90 days of graduation in order to be eligible to count the hours.

At least 500 hours must be psychotherapy with families, couples, or children. No more than 500 hours of group counseling or therapy can be counted toward the requirement. No more than 375 hours of telecounseling can be counted. No more than 500 hours of activities like administering evaluations, processing notes, writing reports, and doing advocacy will be accepted. A total of 1,000 hours of non-counseling hours is allowable. These include things like attending workshops, meeting with one – supervisor, and receiving psychotherapy.

The intern may count both individual and group supervision. However, the intern must have at least 52 weeks of individual supervision (not necessarily consecutive). Each week of accrued experience requires an hour of individual supervision or two hours of group supervision.

It should be noted that these requirements apply to hours earned in 2012 or later.